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Multi fandom meme
(Try this out folks if you want to increase your friends on LJ multi-fandom friending meme )

name/nickname; Waddiwasiwitch
age; 31
fandoms; BTVS, Angel, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, X-Men, The Vampire Diaries
the ships; Buffy/Spike, Xander/Dawn, Willow/Tara (Btvs); Angel/Cordelia, Wesley/Fred (Angel); Snape/Lily (Harry Potter); Peeta/Katniss (Hunger Games) I also ship Erik/Charles (X-men)
actor/actresses you fancy; James Marsters, Ian Somerhalder, Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman
other sites you are active on; Elysian Fields, The HPN, The Spuffy Realm, Archive of Our Own, Fanfiction.net.
anything else you wanna add: gif, quotes whatever... I am a big book nerd and love movies. I enjoy writing but I haven't been as productive as I should of late. I write Snape/Lily or gen for Harry Potter. Spuffy and gen for Buffy. Some day I am going to try my hand at an Erik/Charles story I have in mind for a long timE.

Saturday 2nd August - The Sunnydale Herald

WESLEY: Angel, what happened?
PUPPET ANGEL: I'm not sure. I went over to Smile Time last night, and I think their office is under some kind of spell. I could feel it trying to get at me. I—I shook it off, but then I met this guy with a towel over his head, and something exploded! I woke up like this. Ugh.
WESLEY: Clearly some sort of hex... or a—a powerful warding magic.
LORNE: Maybe it's some type of puppet cancer.
PUPPET ANGEL: I do not have puppet cancer! Come on, guys. This is a serious situation. I'm a puppet, and there are children's lives at...
(gasps as he glances at the clock) Hey, it's Smile Time!
(hurries out of his chair toward the television set; tries to turn on the TV via remote control)Hmm...
(grumbles as he fumbles with the buttons; beats the remote on the table petulantly) Stupid plastic piece of crap!
(panting, notices everyone's staring at him) What?.

~~Smile Time~~

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Characters and Questions Meme
Ok folks - I wanted to play. Snagged from brutti_ma_buoni, who snagged from lost_spook.

Rule: Write a list of 12 characters from any fandom. Then answer the questions under the cut. (Don't look at the questions before you make your list!)

Here is the list of characters.
1. Harry Potter (Harry Potter Series)
2. Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl Series)
3. Spike (BTVS)
4. Betty (Ugly Betty)
5. Barney (How I Met Your Mother)
6. Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)
7. Hermione Granger
8. Merlin (Merlin BBC)
9. Buffy (BTVS)
10. Severus Snape (Harry Potter Series)
11. Fred (Angel)
12.Dumbledore (Harry Potter Series)

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Happy birthday
A very happy birthday to yumimum! I hope you're having a wonderful day.

World Cup Parody
Just for the time that's in it. What if people dived in daily life like they do in soccer.

Help James Marsters and his wife raise money for film
Fellow Buffy fans James Marsters and his wife are producing a movie called Kessi Blue and are looking for your help. They are running a fundraising campaign and they are giving some wonderful bribes for you to do so. Your name in the credits in the film, Autographed pictures, brunch with James, skype with James: etc. Also. James promises to perform that song from Once More with Feeling. Yeah that one!


Anybody doing Gishwes this year?
So - I'm wondering who's done GISHWES before and if they would recommend it? I'm contemplating it...... Am I crazy?

Hello folks!!!!!!!!
I've been so busy these past two weeks. I've just moved apartment and started a new role in work. As a result, I've been neglecting lj and I think I have missed a few birthdays - geekslave, anviloverheaven quiet_rose90 and amyxaphania. So sorry you guys - hope you had a great time!

To brighten up your Tuesday
Irish Dancing all over the world

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Caution Children Long overdue update
I didn't drop off the face of the earth but I have just been busy. This story will be finished I can promise you. Thanks to every one who has been reading. I'm so sorry about the delay.

Special thanks to Ginar369 for the beta. Any remaining mistakes are my own.

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