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Caution Children (Chapter 15)

I can't believe I forgot to updat this here. Yes - this long standing wip has been updated. It's an early Christmas miracle.

Dislaimer: As usual, I own nothing except my own plot.

Beware the jumble of the Season 5 time line in this fic!!

Summary: Buffy and Spike might no longer be kids, but things are far from easy. They still have Glory to beat and they are still reconcile their conflicting feelings.

Chapter 15
Buffy wasn’t sure why she asked Spike along. The words came out before she got a chance to even think about them. They had spent so much time together recently, she should be glad to be free of him at last. There was less reason to have to be around him for once. Somehow, she had gotten used to his presence. Perhaps it was habit that caused her to give him the invitation and he hadn’t hesitated to accompany her either. Buffy’s mind thought back to Spike’s words about her mother. Come to think of it, he always seemed to have a soft spot for her mother. Buffy had always thought of it as a way to get to her though her mother. She was beginning to realise she may be wrong. His admission that she reminded him of his own mother had thrown her. Then Spike was most the human vampire she had ever known. Angel might have a soul but he seemed to have forgotten how humans thought, felt and even lived. Spike didn’t; this was what made him such a dangerous adversary. It was kind of cute really and that was a whole lot better than him having a crush on her Mom. Although where did that thought about him being cute come from? She took a deep breath. Spike is not cute. Spike an evil blood sucking fiend with no soul and really nice eyes and cheekbones to die for. She shook herself. Stupid spell must have damaged her brain as well.

Buffy and Spike walked side by side down the dimly lit street on their way back from a patrol notable only for its lack of action. There had been nothing of note during their patrol and the Slayer was looking forward to tucking into bed for a couple of hours.
“So, that crazy bint has been quiet of late?”
“Makes me nervous,” Buffy confessed.
Spike reached into his pocket and plucked a box of cigarettes and his Zippo lighter from his leather duster.
“Eugh!” Buffy made a face. “I wish you wouldn’t. Smoking’s disgusting.”
Spike laughed, “Yeah – well I’m disgusting.”
He took a puff of the cigarette and erupted into a coughing fit. Buffy couldn’t help it, she started to giggle, “First smoke, Spikey!”
Spike took the cigarette out and stuck out his tongue before flipping her off. “I hate you, Summers!”
They walked further in the badly lit street and Buffy’s eyes landed on the playground that she and Spike had visited when they were both still kid sized. It was amazing the way kids were so easily amused. She was glad to be back to regular Buffy again, but she missed the way she had been able to switch off from her responsibilities for a while. She took one last wistful look at the swings before she turned her attention on the street in front of her. Now, she was back to worry about Dawnie, her friends, evil bloodsuckers and dumb demons again. Speaking of evil and dumb, Spike was talking and waving his hand in front of her face.
“Hey, quit doing that,” Buffy snapped.
“Hey, Slayer, you lost?”
“No!” She balled her fists.
In a way, she was glad to be reminded that Spike was an obnoxious vampire again. All these fuzzy feelings were just a remnant of that spell, and when she got home again she would punch Ethan Rayne again.
“Saw the way you looked at the playground.” Spike’s eyes bored into hers, “Want to go to the swings and play, Buffy?”
“Spike, can you go five minutes without making me want to punch you?”
“It's fun to piss you off!” Spike smirked and leaned into her personal space. “You screw your nose up and your cheeks turn pink. It’s just adorable.”
Unable to restrain herself any longer, she popped him on the nose. He yelped and took a step backward.
“Are you here to patrol or just to be a jerk?”
“Come on, let’s call a ceasefire. We were able to rub along nicely together when when we were all bitty, didn’t we?”
Her eyes narrowed and she put her arms across her chest. “There will be no rubbing of any kind, especially not the kind you are thinking of.”
“Oh! Slayer, you’re just killin’ me. It’s a saying, luv.” He leaned over and whispered into her ear, “Means getting on well together. It’s you with the dirty mind.”
“I don’t know what you are talking about!” Buffy put her nose in the air and increased the distance between them.
Spike just smiled in that infuriating way he had. At least, he had shut up. That was an improvement at least. Buffy picked up her speed, but Spike kept pace with her, his blue eyes watching her intently.
“What?” she asked.
He put his hand on his belt and eyes went against her volition to his crotch.
She gulped and turned her face away when she could feel the blush beginning. “You know I’ve changed my mind about patrolling with you. I must have lost leave of my senses to think that you would be any help.”
He held up his hands, “What’s got your knickers in a twist?”
She flushed again, “You leave my knickers out of it!”
He smirked, “Oh it’s me right?” He puffed out his chest.
His smirk didn’t last long as she punched him hard on the nose again. “Why do you have to ruin everything?”
“Why is it always the bloody nose, Slayer?” He growled, holding his nose.
“Nice right hook, huh?” she quipped.
“Nice tight ass,” he replied licking the blood that had dripped down his face.
She reached for her stake and he leapt backwards holding his hands aloft. “Bloody hell, Slayer! Don’t know why you can’t take a compliment. Is it so obscene that I find you gorgeous?”
“Yes,” she spat.
“You know what I think?”
“No, and I don’t think I want to.” She really didn’t.
“I think you like me but you’re afraid of how you feel, how other people think and what it means about you. You’re attracted to the dark, the very thing you’re meant to fight. And although there’s a force between us that makes you want to pummel me into submission, there’s also a part that make you want to jump my bones. No normal bloke’s ever gonna cut it for a Slayer, not when she can have a little monster in her man.”
“I don’t know why I ever wanted to spend some time with you.” She shoved him in the chest. “I liked you better when you were a little kid.”
He jumped in front of her. “And I liked you better when you weren’t so uptight.” He frowned for a moment, “You just said you wanted to spend time with me.”
His face softened a little, his eyes wide and a his head tilted. Neither of them wanted to back down and be the first to look away. Fuck, she needed a distraction.
Blurting the first thing that came mind wasn't such a good idea.
“I bet I can swing higher than you!” She winced as she heard her voice go up an octave.
“I swing every which way, Slayer,” Spike replied, and licked his lips.
Her cheeks reddened, but she ignored his words and she balled her fists instead. “Are you afraid you’re going to lose?”
He raised an eyebrow, “Challenge accepted, luv.”
“Don’t call me luv.”
“If I win, can I call you luv?”
Grinning like kids, they ran to the playground, which was locked like last time. They climbed over the fence and headed for the swings.

Buffy relished the feeling of the breeze in her hair as she swung. It was surreal to be here again in the dark of night, both in their adult bodies, but something was different. She was still unsure whether this was some remnant of the spell or something else.
“Hey Slayer, do you see that?”
Buffy squinted trying to se what Spike was talking about. “What?”
He pointed in the distance, “It looks … like a giant snake.” He turned back to Buffy, “Please tell me you are seeing it and I’m not hallucinating.”
Buffy’s eyes widened as she caught sight of a huge mass moving in the street, slithering and sliding.
She swung higher to get a better look, “It’s huge! That can't be a snake, it must be some sort of demon. What the hell is that thing doing roaming the streets?”
“Your guess is as good as mine.” Spike’s face brightened, “Fancy catching a snake, Slayer? Looks like patrol isn't a bust after all.”
Buffy shuddered, she had never touched a snake before. She wondered if they were as slimy as they looked. Still, she could handle all kinds of demon, she could handle snake slime.
“Let’s go!” Buffy jumped down from the swing.
The pair raced down the street just as the snake monster thing came around the corner followed by a small yellow convertible.
Spike went into game face, “It’s Glory’s hobbits. Of course! Should’ve known that bint was involved somehow.”
“You go for Frick and Frack, I’ll take the snake.”
“With pleasure,” Spike replied.
Buffy ran toward the creature, who sensed her almost immediately and reared its ugly green head and bared huge fangs. The monster was several feet long and its body was the height of a large car. Buffy took a moment to take in her position, high wall on the right and fence on the left overlooking Sunnydale Park.
“Hey Ugly! I’m Buffy, pleased to meet you. I will be your Slayer today.”
Her stake would be no use on this brute, she would have to improvise. The sound of squealing brakes startled her and just as she was about to turn, she was knocked the ground. Her head connected painfully with the ground and she found it hard to breathe. It took Buffy a moment before she registered Spike was on top of her. There was a loud thud and the weight shifted and she was able to breathe easier even though she was winded.
“You okay?” Spike asked and offered her a hand. “Those fuckers tried to take you out with the car.”
Buffy took his hand and got to her feet. “Could you have been any gentler?”
“You’re welcome you ungrateful bint! ‘Sides you’re a slayer, hardly a wilting flower.”
Buffy ignored him and concentrated instead on her slippery quarry. The fence was smashed right through, the car upside down and smacked right into a large tree. She jumped over the broken fence and heard a crunch under her feet. She looked down to see a sign reading bike path and a heavy chain.
“This will do!”
Glory’s minions scrabbled to get out of the car.
One of the little demons yelled out of the window. “You can’t defeat Glorificus, the most resplendent and powerful one. A mere mortal can’t win against her.”
“Good job, I’m not a mere mortal then.”
Spike had followed her into the park. “Bastard took off down the green.”
Buffy nodded and spotted the snake in the distance, “If this is connected to Glory, it can't be anything good. I'll go!.” She took off and shouted over her shoulder as she ran, “Find out what those freaks are up to.”
Despite Spike’s sigh, she knew he would do as she asked. Her lungs were burning as she tried to increase her speed. The slope was in her favour giving her much needed momentum. It wasn't very quick she noted with satisfaction; she was gaining on it.
“Hey I'm not done with you yet!”
It didn't even turn its head; The thing was paying no attention to her pursuit. The creature was headed straight for the playground. Buffy’s heart stopped for a moment when she realised its trajectory; it was heading in the direction of Revello Drive. With a desperate burst of speed she finally caught up with the monster.
She swung the chain. “Fanged monsters are kind of my speciality.”

To be continued…

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