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Betrayal (Chapter 32)

Betrayal: Chapter 32

Rating: Mature


Some information comes to light about Drusilla's past and Buffy gets an unexpected present. Plot I promise.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my own words and plot and some OCs.

An update?? Did you think it would ever happen?

I'm so very sorry!!!!!

To all the wonderful people who have suffered through this fic with me, you'll never know how grateful I am. I had some fierce writers block on this. I have an endgame, I promise.

To anyone who is just reading this now, I'm sorry for my bad writing. I like to think I have improved immensely in the course of this story.

Thirty Two

Agitated, Spike ran his fingers through his hair. “Fuck –that egotistical bastard. I’m going to tear him apart limb from limb.” He slammed his hand hard down on the table causing a couple of the baby Slayers sitting in the corner of the room to jump. A white-faced Buffy sat at the opposite side of the table, her fingers danced a pattern on the table. She used to do that whenever she was jonesing to kick some Big Bad into submission. Some things didn’t change at least. He suspected she was as anxious as he was to spill some blood. For the most part his anger was directed at himself, at his stupidity for not realising sooner what should have been obvious and not protecting the girls that were in his care.
Fucking Dru and her pixies. Bloody Dracula and his self-aggrandizing pillock.
There was a gentle touch on his shoulder and for the first time in his red haze he realised that Vi was at his side. Showing weakness was not like something that he liked to show in front of others but she always saw through his bullshit, like she could peel away the skin from his skull and get right into his brain.
“We’ll figure this out.” She squeezed his shoulder.
He scowled. “Fuck Dracula! He thinks he can scare me off. I’ll dust the bastard once and for all and Dru with him. I’m not scared of bleedin’ fairies; No Tinkerbell’s going to get the better of me. I’ll pull off her bloody wings if I have to.”
She gave him an encouraging smile. “There’s my Spike.”
His face must have shown his surprise at the endearment as she blushed. “I –uh- need to make a phone call.”
She was gone out the door before he could say a word. Her Spike? His lips formed a little smile. He kind of liked the sound of that and the more he thought about it the more he realised it was true. Oh bloody hell – he was falling for a Slayer again.
He rubbed at his forehead. Shit – why am I such a masochist? I’m only just over the last one. He turned to look over at the former love of his life but Buffy had disappeared too and he found himself wondering when exactly. It didn’t matter anyway. He couldn’t‚ wouldn’t go there again. He was done with women.
"Earth to Spike!" Andrew’s nasal‚ needy voice interrupted his thoughts. “Why do you always ignore me?”
One two three. Mustn’t kill the boy. “What do you want?”
“Giles is on the phone.” The boy held up the receiver.
“What does he want?”
“I don’t know‚” Andrew whined. “He insisted on talking directly with you. He won’t tell me anything either even though I told him that we were confidantes and we share secrets now.”
Spike closed his eyes‚ “Just shut up and give me the damn phone.”
Andrew sighed dramatically before handing the vampire the phone. “So rude.”
“One moment, Rupes,” he said into the phone as he walked. “I’ll go into the office.”
The office table was so cluttered that the room served only as a storage space normally. There was however a free chair behind the desk and it would be absent from nosy bints. He was about to close the door behind him when he noticed that Andrew was after following him and was standing leaning against the doorway, his hands crossed over his chest..
Spike glared at him, “Now fuck off!”
He watched warily as the boy left and the door slammed behind him.
Once he was sure that the boy was gone, he turned his attention back to the man on the other side of the Atlantic, he said, “Have anything interesting for me‚ Watcher?”
“Hello‚ Spike. Possibly‚ but I’m more interested in what you can tell me about your former paramour.”
Spike sighed and plopped down on the chair, “What do you want to know?”
“What information do you have on Drusilla’s life before she became a vampire.”
“Very little.” Spike scratched the back of his neck, “Angelus wasn’t too fond of Dru mentioning her human life, thought it made her soft. I know she had taken Holy Orders and had entered a convent. Angelus had killed her family and she was starting to lose her mind even then. Other than that…”
Spike trailed off, there was very little else he could say.
“I know all of that,” Giles said impatiently.
Spike balled his free hand, irritation getting the better of him. “What are you getting at? You need to be more specific.”
“Her family had a history of madness, one of her aunts and her grandmother were committed to an asylum.”
Spike’s eyes widened and he leaned back in the chair. “Could that be something to do with her Seeing ability? She did mention sometimes in her babbling that she didn’t want to be put away.”
“Perhaps? Or could it be something to do with the faerie world?”
Spike was silent for a moment trying to process what the Watcher was saying. “Are you serious?”
“Yes – Drusilla’s family has a history of strange incidences. The aunt who was committed was accused of being a witch among other things. The family were by all accounts mortified of the gossip and committed her. I can’t find much information about her grandmother, but I do know that she was put into an asylum also.”
“Makes sense I s’pose,” Spike said. “I don’t know if I can help with anything, she never spoke about her past or if she did it was mainly rambling.”
“Spike, you might know more than you think.”
Spike rolled his eyes. “I wrote a whole heap of shit down last night and I looked at it again this morning none the wiser.” His grip on the phone tightened. “I lived with the bint for a century and still, I didn’t really know her. I want to help but I don’t know how.”
“Quit being a self involved bastard for a moment and just listen.” Spike could hear the clipped tone of Giles, a sure sign he was losing patience. “Drusilla was fond of dolls, was she not?”
“Yes, what of it?”
“Did she have names for them all?”
“So what if she did. Shouldn’t we be concentrating on seeing what Drac’s tie is to all this?”
“Shut up, Spike. You’ll understand when I get there.”
“Bloody well hurry up and get to the point then.” The vampire couldn’t sit still any longer and he stood up and began to pace.
“I looked into the files of both Drusilla’s aunt and grandmother, there was some similarities. Her aunt scribbled a name on the wall over and over again: Edith. Her grandmother had a diary and she addressed some of the entries to various names including Edith.”
“Fucking hell, that has to be some coincidence.”
There was a rustling on the other end of the phone, old Rupes must be cleaning his glasses, “That would be quite a coincidence, you have to admit.”
“Are you saying that you think Miss Edith is real girl and not just a figment of her imagination?”
“Yes – I also believe that she is connected to faerie world. Drusilla’s grandmother wrote about “the good people” in her entries. The later ones read like gibberish, but the early ones was quite lucid. I think some of the other names she uses for the dolls may be real too.”
Spike head was spinning, everything he thought he knew about his ex was turned on its head. “But where does the Ring of Amara fit in?”
“At the moment, I haven’t the foggiest but I’m determined to find out. You can thank Dawn for finding all of this out. She would have rung herself but she’s so busy with research, she let me break the news.”
“I suspect that Dracula may have faerie blood also.”
“That would explain the shape shifting that no other vampire is capable of it.” Spike slammed his fist on the table, “The sneaky little bastard.”

Buffy lay on the bed in her room her laptop in front of her, Willow’s face starring out at her from the screen.
“Miss you so much, Buffy! Everyone is asking about you.”
It was so good to hear her friend’s voice.
“I can’t wait to get home,” Buffy confessed. “It’s been the longest two weeks of my life and I can’t wait to hold Alice again.”
Seeing her baby on Skype was one thing, but it wasn’t the same as being able to cuddle her, kiss her and hold her. It was like a constant ache that she carried with.
Willow’s smile was sympathetic. “You’ll both be home in a few days and it will be as you never left.”
“It can’t come soon enough.” Buffy sighed deeply. “ I think I wouldn’t have survived if I didn’t come to Moscow, the case helped keep my mind off how much I miss Alice. It was good to be the thick of everything again. I love Alice, but I’m a Slayer and I need to be out there slaying things not just teaching others how to do my job. Still, it’s time to leave Moscow and get home now; Alice needs me. ”
Buffy wasn’t sure if her friend could understand, but Willow nodded anyway.
“How is everyone in Moscow?”
“Good, I think, but stressed from having Drusilla and Dracula looming over them. but Vi and Spike seem to have all the Slayers in hand.”
Willow waggled her eyebrows, “How are things being you two?”
“A bit weird if I’m honest, but working with exes is always difficult.” Buffy played with the hem of her blouse. “Maybe I needed to see how Spike was doing without me and that he had moved on with his life, unlife, whatever.”
“But it hurts,” Willow finished softly.
“Yeah, it does. But I think I have finally accepted it.”
“Oh, Buffy.”
“I’m fine Will,” Buffy insisted. “Honestly.”
“Are you sure? I hate to cut this short, but I need to get back to work.”
“Yes Will, see you in a few days.”
The screen went blank as Willow signed off and Buffy shut her laptop. Buffy really was glad to be returning home, but there were some things she was going to miss. It was good to be treated just like any other Slayer, while she was here. She was usually excused from the more dangerous and time consuming missions due to her responsibilities. It made her feel guilty for not fulfilling her responsibilities fully as a Slayer and then she would feel guilty for wanting to be away on these missions when she would be leaving her daughter behind. Why didn’t anyone warn her about the circle of guilt that accompanied being a parent? She now understood her calling better than she had when she was young and resented being a Slayer. She was Buffy, just like she was the Slayer. They were one and the same. She would never be happy just sitting back and letting everyone else do the hard work and take the risks, but she had a child to think of now. She got on her knees and pulled her suitcase out from under the bed.
There’s no time like the present. She put the empty suitcase on the bed. At least, she wasn’t the only Slayer anymore at least. How on earth had Nikki Wood managed? Buffy’s musings were interrupted by a loud knock on the door.
“Come in,” she called.
Buffy abandoned her suitcase when the door opened and one of the young Slayers peered shyly into the room, “Buffy, there’s a package for you.”
“Thanks uh..”
“Kim,” the girl replied.
Kim carried the large box into the room and placed it on the bed beside Buffy’s open suitcase.
“Thanks.” Buffy frowned wondering who would be sending her a present.
“Who’s it from?”
Buffy shrugged, “I guess I’ll find out. Thanks again, Kim.”
The girl smiled over her shoulder as she left the room. When the door slammed shut, Buffy bit at her lip and turned her attention onto the parcel. The handwriting on the white slip on the front of the box was loopy and old fashioned, but it didn’t look familiar. The hairs on the back of Buffy’s neck rose and there was a sickly feeling in her stomach. She had a suspicion as to who had sent this box and it wasn’t anyone friendly. She pulled at the sticky tape along the sides of the box and her heart lurched in her chest when she saw a creepy looking doll wrapped up in tissue paper. Black curly hair contrasted with the porcelain face and red lips that reminded Buffy of blood. A note was nestled among the tissue paper on which the giver scrawled‚ “A present for my little sister.”
Buffy shivered, there was no mistaking who sent this creepy gift. Skanksilla. She dropped the doll and box back onto the bed and took a step backward, her heart beating fast in her chest.
“Oh god, Alice!”
She knew her baby girl was miles away with Angel. Safe. But then she realised Angel was human now, no longer able to protect their daughter from supernatural harm. Drusilla may be too nutty to have friends, but she had minions and Dracula was indulging her for some unknown reason. Her fingers shaking, she picked up her cellphone and dialled Angel’s number.
Answer, please answer. God, this was a bad idea.
She never should have come here in the first place. It was selfish. She was about to hang up the phone when she heard Angel’s sleepy voice.
“Angel, thank God, how is Alice?”
“Buffy? What are you doing ringing at this hour? Is there something wrong?”
“Angel, how’s Alice?”
“Alice?” Buffy could almost see the frown on his face, “Alice is fine, she sleeps like the dead, which is a good thing when you’re ringing me in the middle of the night.”
“Can you please just go and check on her?”
“Buffy, she’s fine I promise.”
“Just check. Please!”
She could hear Angel moving around on the other end of the phone.
There was a sound of the door creaking opening. “She’s sleeping, Buffy, just like I said.” Angel closed the door softly. “Now tell me what’s going on.”
Buffy sighed in relief and she stifled a sob. Tears started to run down her face and her legs gave way.
She plopped to the ground next to her bed and leaned her back against the wooden bed frame.
“Hey, Buffy!” Angel’s voice was gentle and full of concern. “ Buffy what’s wrong?”
“I’m fine,” Buffy managed as she wiped away the tears.
“Did Spike do something?”
Buffy couldn’t find the strength to roll her eyes at Angel’s predictable reaction. “No Angel.” She rang her fingers through her hair, “ It’s just Drusilla is here in Moscow and she seems to know all about Alice.”
Angel gasped on the other end of the phone. “Fuck!”
“I want you to be careful,” Buffy continued, “She sent me a doll in a box and it seriously gave me the wiggins.” She paused before continuing, “The note said it was a gift for Alice.”
“I will be, you know I would die before I would let anyone touch a hair on Alice’s head.”
“That’s what I am worried about, I wouldn’t want anything to happen to either of you now. You’re Alice’s dad. Don’t take any unnecessary risks. If you’re in danger, run don’t fight. You’ve got to remember that you no longer have supernatural powers.”
“I know that, Buffy, but make sure you stay safe too.”
Buffy decided not to tell him about Dracula as she didn’t want to worry him unnecessarily and she could tell him in person when she collected Alice.
“I’ll be heading back tomorrow, so I’ll see you both soon.”
Buffy’s heart was still racing, but she was relieved that Alice was safe. Still, she needed to do something. If she was lucky, she might be able to stake the bitch before she had to leave.
Buffy grabbed the box and almost crashed into Vi as she rushed down the stairs, “Any chance that we can wipe the floor with Drusilla before I head home?”
Spike stood at the bottom of the stairs, “Funny you should say that, I was just about to let you know about an interesting phone call I had with some boring wanker.”
Buffy raised an eyebrow.
“Yes – that boring wanker.”

To be continued…

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